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What is MLC 2006 and what does it mean for crew

On the 20th August 2014 the MLC 2006 convention came into force for all commercial yachts (charter). This document (available below), mostly deals with seafarer protection while working aboard. It has been enforced to protect seafarers and to ensure they understand their rights.

Issues such as limited working hours, contracts, health insurance, and repatriation are detailed within the document and will only come into effect once you are aboard a commercial yacht.

Hemisphere are compliant with the terms of 1.4 of the MLC 2006 and as such we have enforced several points to ensure a yachts compliancy also.

We require the Master to provide us with the yacht’s MLC 2006 Certificate.

Confirmation that, where possible the terms of your contract will be given to you prior to embarkation.

Confirmation the SEA (seafarers employment agreement) given to you (the crewmember) will pertain information that the shipowner has the means to protect a seafarer from being stranded in a foreign port.

Hemisphere also has regulated our systems to ensure we comply with the MLC 2006 convention by.

Keeping an up to date, confidential database of all seafarers recruited or placed by ourselves

Conducting confidential reference checks

Verifying the validation and authenticity of all deck and engineering licenses

Ensuring we do not charge seafarers for our services, they are completely free of charge

We do not operate a black list or the like to prevent or deter seafarers gaining employment

We do not recruit any seafarers under the age of 18

We also want to bring to your attention that once aboard there maybe disciplinary procedures consistent with national law in place, which should be explained in greater detail within your SEA (seamans employment contract). It is your responsibility to have read any disciplinary procedures.

We do require some documents from you uploaded onto our database

Valid medical certificate, written in English and stipulating sight, hearing and colour vision (if applicable) are satisfactory

A copy of your passport

The 5 basic STCW module certificate/s It is advised under the convention that you have sight of your SEA (employment contract) prior to embarking the yacht.

Please find below the complete MLC 2006 convention along with its advantages.

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